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Jeep pics

Jeep pics

The camera never lies!

2005 Jeep

2005 Jeep

1945 Jeep

A before and after shot of a Ford GPW.

Always the same - just when you think you've got a good 1940's picture, someone wanders into shot with a nylon coat and T shirt on. The guys walking the dogs in the background look a bit more austerity in pic 2 and isn't that a senior naval person with the alsatian?

Pictures of the famous world war 2 jeep.

ford GPA amphibious jeeps

An original WW2 pic. Ford GPA - A line-up of GPA's - the amphibious version of the jeep never achieved the success of its land-based cousin and most ended up being exported to Russia under lease-lend. Today they are a rare jeep and achieve top prices along with the German version the schwimmwagen.

An original WW2 pic. Three pilots of the 322nd BG lean against their jeep 'Somewhere in England'. The 322nd was part of the U.S. Ninth airforce and was stationed at RAF Great Saling in Essex in 1943-44

Jeeps loading

'Jeeps of the Week' - An original WW2 pic. A US Navy picture taken 'Somewhere in England' in 1944. Jeeps are loaded aboard landing craft for the trip over to Normandy. This is probably post d-day as the jeeps are being driven on forwards and would need to be reversed off. Not something you'd want to do while under fire!


military convoy

An original WW2 pic. The 'Big Red One' - 1st Infantry Division Jeeps in Germany, 28 February 1945. Infantrymen of Company C, 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment move on into the Fatherland

'Jeep vs Peep'

In the UK at any rate, there seemed to be a determined effort to call the jeep the 'peep'. The term Jeep was apparently used to refer to the Dodge command car.

The 'Motor' Magazine of November 25th 1942 said " It was called the Peep because it was a reconnaisance vehicle. The newspapers called it the Jeep, but goodness knows why. The latter name has beeen given to a larger four wheel drive vehicle."

Here is an original source from the 1940's. 'Crusader' was a British Army paper originally published by the Eighth Army the definitions are from the issue of January 27th 1946.


seep jeep

'nuff said - I'm not sure I'd want to drive a 'peep' although a Dakota sweeping overhead and disgorging a stick of 'parapooches' would be worth writing home about. As for the definition of SNAFU....it's FUBAR!

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